Sunday, October 1, 2017

Universa new ICO 50 giveaway

Universa the new ICO  free 50 UTN Giveaway

UTNUniversa is a new generation blockchain protocol, which has every potential to become a significant landmark in the development of a blockchain industry. Alexander Borodich, a creator of Universa platform, explains why this can happen in the nearest future. “Today, the dependence of blockchain on highly costly mining process resembles the dependence of gold coins on the price of gold. Instead, we suggest new cheap and easy way of creating smart contracts, which can act as cash substitutes, in a somewhat original way. If the invention of a bitcoin can be compared to the discovery of gold, then Universa is a new stage, symbolizing the arrival of paper money to the market of mutual settlements,” he says.

  • Simple protocol for creating your apps & blockchains
  • Cost of transactions is enormously low
  • Speed of transactions is high
  • Liquidity and smart contracts on Blockchain
  • No bloat

universa speed

1. Universa is a pioneer of the new generation blockchain

Universa has originally been developed not as a cryptocurrency, but as a protocol creating and operating chains of smart contracts. Therefore, Universa platform does not depend on mining, which results both in high speed and low cost of procession operations, in terms of the resources required.

2. Universa is 1000 times faster than user familiar Bitcoin

Universa nodes do not require mining and are responsible for verifying the transactions and smart contracts that customers submit onto the network. Waiving mining opened a way to increase network performance by hundreds of times. The Universa blockchain structure is based on the language of smart contracts, developed from scratch. The well-thought-out logical structure and language hierarchy made it possible to reach the speed of 10,000 transactions per second on the network nodes.

3. Universa transactions are 100 times cheaper than those in Bitcoin

Today, it deems absolutely unreasonable to charge $3,85 for a few cents worth microtransaction. Yet, on the Bitcoin platform, this price is a current money transfer fee, which accounts for the speculative nature of Bitcoin exchange rate, and its high volatility. The smart contacts system on Universa platform allowed to decrease such fees by hundreds of times. 

4. Universa offers an entirely new smart contract system

Various smart contract chains can be created on Universa platform. These smart contracts can be implemented in almost all business fields. Universa smart contracts can be applied to programming both intracompany applications and public ones. For example:​
  • Vehicle smart key​
  • Fitness and SPA pass card​
  • IoT - smart home elements working together​
  • Payments at parking lots or gas stations​
  • Logistics, cargo tracking ​
It will be possible to implement all of the above mentioned and many other ways of Universa smart contracts applications, in the nearest future.

5. Universa is real “smart money”

The Universa platform significantly simplifies the transaction processes in the field of e-commerce. It will make it possible to accept payments in any currency in automated mode in any currency in automatic mode and formalize the transaction document with a smart contract on the spot. Along with everything else, Universa will simplify the process of applying for loans in the Internet, electronic currency exchange, and filling in customs declarations to a great extent. 

There is no doubt that Universa will soon become one of the key blockchain platforms and will be widely present in different business spheres. Alexander Borodich is very open about his ambitious plan to attract at least $ 100 million during ICO. Today, Borodich, the former Group top manager, is the most active venture investor in Russia and the founder of Venture Club crowd investment platform. ​

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